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If you are looking for a fresh vegetable supplier for your business in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor, you have found it!

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What We Do

We are a Malaysian fresh vegetable supplier based in Kuala Lumpur (KL) and our services include selling, packaging and delivering fresh vegetables for businesses and eateries such as restaurants, cafes, canteens and many other places that serve foods or require fresh vegetable supplies located in the Klang Valley.

Our aim is delivering outstanding and reliable services and dealing with integrity, for your business success and satisfaction of your customers.

Now you don’t have to get up extra early to procure and purchase fresh vegetable from the morning market for your business. Fresh Select do the marketing for you and acquire the fresh vegetable supplies that you need and have them delivered to your business. Skip the traffic and parking hassles and let us do it for you!

The Preferred Vegetable Supplier in Kuala Lumpur

Supplying over 100 types of vegetables and fresh products

We sell and supply a large variety of fresh vegetable and fresh herbs such as:

  • Leafy vegetables – lettuce, choy sum, bak-choy, spinach, kai-lan, cabbage and more
  • Fruit – pumpkins. tomatoes, bitter gourd, bell peppers (capsicum), cucumber
  • Flower vegetables – cauliflowers, broccoli and etc
  • Podded vegetables – long beans, ladyfinger (okra), French beans, lentils and more
  • Root vegetables – potato, carrot, ginger, and etc
  • Bulb and stem vegetables – onion, garlic, celery, leek, and etc
  • Fresh herbs – chives, coriander, mint leaves, oregano, parsley, sweet basil, thyme, tumeric leaves, rosemary and more

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

As a vegetable supplier in Kuala Lumpur that emphasises freshness, we are confident in our service to supply fresh vegetables and goods to our customers. We do quality control checks before delivering your orders but if you are unsatisfied with the delivered goods due to reason such as spoilage, we will replace your order with no charge.

Fresh Select offers Free Deliveries for most locations in Klang Valley

Delivery Locations

Why Buy From Us


We know that operating a place that serves food is not easy and requires time to prepare the ingredients for cooking.

We are want to help you free up your time (or your staff’s) by supplying fresh vegetables straight to your business’s doorsteps so that time & energy can be saved for other more important duties and delighting customers.


We have daily deliveries so that we can help you restock during unexpected increase in orders, usage or big reservations.

We provide next day delivery services within the Klang Valley, if you can order and confirm before 10 pm of the current day.

Reliable service that you can count on for consistent supply of fresh vegetables. 


We value your customers’ impression of your business as much as you do.

Our team are professionally trained to pick vegetable supplies that are of high quality, for you to produce your best products.

Our 100% satisfaction guaranteed is our commitment in delivering quality vegetables for your business needs.

Local community

Doing our part for the Malaysian community, we try to source for as much quality local products whenever possible, such as from local farms in Cameron Highlands to help the local farmers.

We also contribute and supply to the local needy community by providing them with some nutritious vegetables may be a luxury for them.




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Thank you for visiting Fresh Select, the place to order fresh vegetables and delivered to your business premise in Klang Valley, namely in Kuala Lumpur and most areas in Selangor.

Fresh Select is a fully Malaysian owned company and our objective is to deliver the freshest vegetables and excellent services for our clients and their guests.

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