Our Guarantee

We are confident in providing exemplary services and quality fresh vegetable, we are willing to give you, our esteemed clients a guarantee on our services

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

It is our aim to become the preferred choice for businesses as their fresh vegetable wholesaler and supplier in Kuala, Lumpur, Selangor and Malaysia.

In order to deliver exemplary services and also supplies of fresh vegetable that businesses do not have to worry about, as a vegetable supplier, we are happy to give a guarantee on our vegetables delivered to your business location or storefront.

While we take pride in providing good services and fresh supplies of vegetable on wholesale, as humans, small mistakes may occur.

So, what happens when you encountered a problem with your order?
For our services, do leave your feedback and please let us know so that we can improve to satisfy you further.

While we do not allow cancellation of orders but we allow a return of goods that are

  1.  Products are not as per ordered (wrong order delivery)
  2.  Products that are damaged or not up to acceptable standards

When such an event happens, upon receiving delivery, you or the recipient is required to review the delivered vegetables. You may let the delivery person (our driver) know if there is any rejection of products.

We will only charge and bill your business for products that have been accepted.

After the products have been received by your side and the delivery order has been signed off, the order and transaction is considered final.

However, if there is any further problem with the received vegetables after the delivery order has been signed, you may still contact us and provide some photographic evidence. We will try to resolve your problem in our best effort by will be subjected to management’s discretion.

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Thank you for visiting Fresh Select, the place to order fresh vegetables and delivered to your business premise in Klang Valley, namely in Kuala Lumpur and most areas in Selangor.

Fresh Select is a fully Malaysian owned company and our objective is to deliver the freshest vegetables and excellent services for our clients and their guests.

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