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Our green leafy vegetable supplies include many varieties of lettuces (iceberg, romaine, butterhead, coral and radicchio), round cabbage, Chinese cabbage, spinach, baby spinach, nai pak, siew pak choy, kangkung, choy sum, kai lan and many more.

Romaine Lettuces


Iceberg lettuces


Butterhead Lettuces


Green Coral Lettuces


Red Coral Lettuces


Radicchio Lettuces


Chinese Cabbages


Red Cabbages


Round Cabbages


Nai Pak (Nai Bai)


Kai Lan




Choy Sum


Baby Spinach




Bok Choy


Baby Bok Choy


Looking for something that is not listed above?

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Thank you for visiting Fresh Select, the place to order fresh vegetables and delivered to your business premise in Klang Valley, namely in Kuala Lumpur and most areas in Selangor.

Fresh Select is a fully Malaysian owned company and our objective is to deliver the freshest vegetables and excellent services for our clients and their guests.

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